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Pet & Family Portrait Schedule
Find a Location near You

We partner with local businesses to offer mini sessions in our fully equipped AC Mobile Studio.

These events are offered in Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties.
Please scroll down this page to see our full scheduled.


Remember this is not live, so the time you select may not be available.

You will receive on email for payment confirmation and a second with your appointment time.

Our mini session range from $8-$20 depending on if the event is a fundraiser for a local Animal Group, Schools or Sports Teams

Each mini session you will select 2 different backgrounds and optional props to be used for your portraits.

We will take about 10-20 portraits for you to choose from.

During September through December you may select as one choice as a Christmas or Hanukah theme
and one other theme for year round viewing. You cannot select two holiday themes.
We will get a wonderful holiday portrait but the other makes great christmas gifts for friends and relatives.

We have over 24years experience so don't worry if your furry friends are active, we have a way with them!

We also love children and they know it.

We require you to come about 10 minutes before your appointment so you may look at our sample book to select your backgrounds and props.

Our prices start at $42.99. Most people spend between $50 - $100 dollars.

Here are the Details for signing up

You MUST make an appointment online here, call 727-584-5040 or at the location you want to attend before photo day.
We will do all the legwork to set up your appointment when you sign up online or over the phone.
questions call 727-584-5040 for any event.
Space is Limited.

Here are the Details:
Sitting Fee for 2 pets and up to 5 people, is $8.00
Sitting Fee for 3-4 pets and up to 5 people, is $13.00
If the event is a fundraiser the price will be listed with location information.
We will take 10-20 portraits per session and more for larger pet families.
Portraits start at $39.99 and no portraits are included with the sitting fee,
if want more price information please call us at 727-584-5040,
You will view and order portraits a few days later via this website.

We offer gift items such as mugs, mouse pads, purses, I pad cases, and other gift items are also available.
You can be in the portrait if you would like or invite the whole family.

All portraits are done Air Conditioned MOBILE Photography Studio.
This is a Large Air Conditioned Studio trailer for you and your pets convenience and comfort.
The Day of the event please check in at table inside store and we will call you to the studio. Thank You.

Here are some clothing suggestions for a great portrait.

It is best if your family is in the portrait to wear the same colored solid shirts.
This will highlight your pet and your faces instead of your clothing prints.
If you have a black dog DO NOT wear a black shirt or white dog with white shirt, you will lose your pet's face in the clothing.

If children are in the portraits please have them wear pants because you may see their legs.
Children can go barefoot or please wear appropriate shoes.
We will try our best not to show shoes but depending on the group size we may see their feet or shoes.

If you get your pet's groomed or you bathe them yourself, PLEASE do not do this the same day as photo day.

Helpful hint - Bathing can be stressful for your pet. We want to see their happy personality, not stress from their bath.
If your dog is a dirt magnet and you have to do grooming the same day
please have 1-2 hours between grooming and your photo appointment
to let your pet relax. Make sure they go to the bathroom between grooming and
your photo appointment as well. Pets usually need to go to the bathroom after grooming.
We offer private photography sessions at the Beach, Park or Your Home
Just give us a call 727-584-5040

All events Sept thru December will have Holiday Props available (Christmas & Hanukkah).

All the background on the flyers will be available

ONLINE Sign Up CLOSES 24hrs before the Start of the event, 9 am the day before.
PLEASE call the LOCATION to check on availability day of the event.
Remember this is not live, so the time you select may not be available, you are requesting a time.
Real time sign up is available at the location.
Thank You.

We Offer Gift Certificate

Due to the Coronavirus 19

we are doing private session at this time

Just call 727-584-5040

We are slowing setting up our 2021 Schedule as things get back to Normal Due to Covid 19.

Please be patient as things are always changing with CDC and the State. Thank You.

Oct. 16 - Bowser Ball, Pinellas Animal Foundation

Belleair County Club,

Tickets contact